Are you mobility impaired? Feeling trapped in a lifestyle that restricts your ability to move independently from A to B, to meet up with friends for coffee or just to enjoy a relaxing hot bath?

Then you have come to the right place. Mobility4Homes has the products that will open the door to enabling you to bring control back into your life, giving you freedom to explore, socialise and enjoy life just like anyone else.

Freedom Mobility Scooter

The Freedom Mobility Scooter is a mobility impaired person’s first choice for regaining independence and freedom. Ranked as one of the Top 10 scooters in the world for its quality and features, it is changing the lives of people every day, opening up a world of freedom and independence to people who struggle, or who are unable, to walk.

Banho Bathchair

The Banho Bathchair is another market-leading product adding quality of life to people who are mobility impaired, with a range of features that not only enable them to bath safely without the risk of slipping, but also to enjoy the comfort and health benefits that come with simply being able to soak in a hot bath.

Silver Oak Recliner

Struggling to stand up ? Weak knees or mucles?
Make the Silver Oak Recliner your own, personalized to your choice. The Silver Oak Recliner has been specially designed for the person who wants to enjoy style, combined with excellent support and comfort. For anyone who wants to relax after a long day.

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